Korean Army Stew (Budae jjigae)

Korean Army Stew (Budae jjigae)

I recently started watching the Korean TV drama Reply 1988 and have been craving for Korean food. However, I can not go to my Korean friends’ place for dinner. Well then let’s make something by ourselves! Army Stew originally from the army in the old days. It is easy and delicious! You can basically put anything you want into the stew. Ideally you should have Korean-style soybean paste, Korean-style spicy paste, and kimchi. I was being creative mainly because I did not have those in hand and it was not recommended to go outside.

For soup base: stir fry some pork belly so that the oil comes out. Add onion pieces and Chinese dried shrimps and stir fry till you can smell onion. Btw it smells really good.

For paste: I combined some left-over hotpot dipping source, Korean rice cake source, and soy source.

Most fun part: adding your favorite food items to the pot! I used pork belly, shrimp, mussel, Chinese lunch meat, seafood mushroom, tofu, Shanghai bok choy, rice cake. Place the noodle cake of an instant noodle package in the middle. Some people prefer adding a piece of cheese on top. Add water and start boiling.

Perfect for a Korean TV drama night!