Alinea 15th Anniversary Menu (3 star Michelin Restaurant)


It’s a tough time for restaurants these days due to COVID-19.  However, this didn’t stop Alinea from celebrating their 15h anniversary by selling take home kits.  They provided 4 pages of detailed instructions on how to make the 6 course meal including some great background stories on the history of the dish.

  1. Blis Char Roe | coconut, passionfruit, carrot
  2. Chilled English Pea Soup | chamomile compressed melon, yogurt, ham
  3. Poached Prawns | Thai curry, cucumber, mango and Thai aroma
  4. A trio of:    Roast beef of Beef Short Ribs | fennel, anise, parsnip,  Vanilla Scented 50/50 “Robuchon Style” Mashed Potatoes, and Wild Mushrooms and Asparagus | Lapsang Souchong tea emulsion picked allium
  5. Tabletop Dessert 64% chocolate | blueberries, vanilla, hazelnut, strawberry

It was an incredible value and totally worth it!  My favorite was the trio of short ribs, mashed potatoes, and mushrooms and asparagus!

Has anyone else been to Alinea?